Monday, June 10, 2013

Cant wait!

Tomorrow the kids and I go to the parent practicum with our homeschool group, Classical Conversations. This will be my first year tutoring. The kiddos will get to go to a little camp for the three days that we are in training. This will all be a great reminder of the classical model of education as well as get to know other moms.

One of my favorite things from last year was listening to the moms with older kids talk about all of the accomplishments they have had. It gets me very excited of as to what these kids are capable of.

I hope to gain tons of inforamtion this week to share with anyone else who is considering homeschooling. It is a whole different way of thinking. That is why it is important to get together with other homeschoolers to retrain your mind to think outside the box.

We have a very busy week ahead of us. Im hoping the kids can hang in there without too many meltdowns. Im gonna be praying for some patience!