Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Okay so im still very excited about our Classical Conversation practicum and I Am having a great time. On the other hand, I am feeling very overwhelmed. This will be my second year homeschooling and first year tutoring. I'm still just trying to figure the basics out and wrap my head around homeschooling in general.

I was sitting there in the tutor training almost laughing out loud. Why on earth did I feel like God wanted me to do this? At times I feel so encapable. They were using examples through history to show us how to present it and I didn't even know half of the examples!

As I was sharing all of this with Tim I realized that I am in fact the perfect candidate. God doesn't use the peolple who think they have it all together. Nope, he usses the people who feel like they are falling apart and don't have a lick of sense! If I thought I knew it all then I wouldn't need God. He causes the humble to rise. My confidence will come from Him if I ask, and it's much more reliable than my own.

Just typing this our gets me all pumped up and ready:) Tomorrow I have to stand in front of everyone and do a short 3 minute lesson. Yes! The girl that stutters and face turns bright red when she is
nervous! This will be interesting...bring it on!