Saturday, June 29, 2013

Teaching respect

                                          image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Just when I have a good day or two of obedient children it never fails that they will get a wild hair and start acting crazy. This can be so frustrating. When one issue is settling another is bubbling getting ready to spew when you least expect it. Yesterday, the disrespect has been one of my greater challenges to deal with.

It's not only the disobedience. It's them talking back and trying to explain themselves is what keeps them in trouble. I am choosing to have faith that I can persevere and discipline God's way to overcome these darn obstacles.

I have been praying for some wisdom on the best way to approach their discipline. Over the past couple of days it has become so obvious to me that we are all born rebellious and mean. God has to work it out of us, and He uses me to work it out of our children. Its a constant. The thing is, we will never be done just as God is never done with us. It's much like a revolving door or dance with our children that God is in the center of. He is continuously teaching and molding us.

For example, when the kids are being exceptional I hop on my high horse and think to myself it must be this awesome discipline, man I'm good! Then before you know it one of them has shoved the other then screamed at me and ran off. This is where He is teaching HUMILITY.  Their good behavior is not a reflection of me but of His goodness and grace on my family.

In an effort to discipline appropriately (and not loose my mind) I call on the name of the Lord. -This just HAS to be apart of His plan! Our children watch us asking for help. What an amazing example we can set for them. As all this is going on He is also teaching me to RELY on Him, and to PERSEVERE when things are tough. As I pray I am asking for patience and wisdom which He says He gives freely to those who ask.

Once God has corrected my heart I am then able to correct my children's heart. I am able to discipline with love just as Jesus does for us. I am able to exemplify forgiveness to them because I am forgiven. I am able once again to lead them because I am following the one true leader. God is revealing to me day after day that my children are one of my greatest blessings because they are what brings me closer to Him. Thank you Lord for the change in perspective.