Thursday, June 27, 2013

Times Flying

This week is flying by. June is almost over! Before I know it Christmas will be rolling around the corner. It's hard not to  look ahead and see all the task that lay before you and not feel a little anxious about getting so much done in such little time.

I know I write post on this all the time, but I have to keep reminding myself to FOCUS on the HERE and NOW. Looking back over my week I see that it has been busy in a good kind of way. I also can see all of the times I was looking ahead to what was going on later. At times I can feel in a panic because things are happening so fast and I dont want to miss any of this precious time.

For a recap of our busy, precious week: On Monday I slept half the day from working a night shift the night before. When I woke up the kids and I went with Mom to help her pick out some new glasses. I basically just tried to be nice to the kids all day since I was going on a couple hours of sleep.

On Tuesday the girls helped me make some new healthy snacks. They seriously have a radar letting them know what is healthy. Its crazy! They wouldn't eat a thing, but kept asking for pop tarts:) I don't guess I can blame them, I would have been too. We also started Willows reading curriculum. So far so good. My greatest challenge is keeping it fun. She is very excited about learning something new.

Wednesday the kids and I met mom and Emma at the mall. I was a nervous wreck counting all of their heads in every store we went in. They are so fast. We all rode the carousel that was inside the mall. That was definitly a memory that will stick with me. Everyone was smiling ear to ear.

My prayer is that TODAY I can focus on these sweet faces and enjoy all of the relationships God has given me. God will give me what I need every morning to accomplish the task He has set before me.