Friday, July 5, 2013

Awesome 4th

So I will admit that I was not really looking all that forward to all of the Independence Day festivities today. I knew Tim would be at the fire station and I was predicting a long day of running around trying to make it from one family celebration to another. I completely understand that none of this is even close to the reason why we celebrate 4th of July, but when your a momma of three little ones it is your reality:)

The day took me by surprise. I took the kids along with my sister Emma to watch the parade in downtown Waxhaw with the grandparents. God worked things out perfectly. I was able to get there just in time to get a great parking spot. My mother n law just happened to be close to help me get all the kiddos across the street. They all had a blast. I was very thankful that I didn't go with that part of my brain telling me to stay home.

This afternoon we went to Granny and Pop's for a good old fashioned cookout. Ty managed to find his way to the mud puddle and loved every minute. The girls ran around playing hide and go seek, and riding little scooters around the backyard. I would have missed these sweet moments if I would have thought too much about the effort it took to get everyone out the door. I've learned today that sometimes you just have to do it and make some memories. Life is too short!