Thursday, January 24, 2013


We went to Bible study today. It is always sooo good. I leave feeling empowered by God and ready to tackle anything life throws at me. Then when we get home I was busy making what seemed liked a gazillion things to get ready for my momma's birthday dinner. I was trying to get the kids to nap and of course willow and Zoe are there crazy selves and don't sleep. Already the irritation was building and by that afternoon my teeth were sore from gritting them so much. That night when momma and everyone got there I was able to take my eyes off myself and help Lily who was going through a hard time. It seems like I am the one who most often gets in the way of my own happiness. The night ended up going great, everyone had a great time. When we were putting the kids to bed Tim and I were bent down to kiss Willow. She said," Mommy you're brave girl and daddy your a brave boy." I asked her why and she said, "Because God made you Tim and Brittany." That melted my heart. God knew what I needed to hear.