Friday, January 25, 2013


Last night was rough. Tim was at the fire station and Ty woke up 4 times to eat and on the third time Willow came in the room and told me she peed in the bed. After putting Ty back in his crib, I went in her room to change her sheets. I then found willow and Zoe headed down stairs at 5am, so I grabbed them and put them in bed with me. Thankfully  they fell back asleep till a little after 7. Days like this its so easy for the devil to bring me down. It's so daunting knowing that I have to go into work tonight. The girls have been exceptional today though. We did homeschool and they have been playing great together. They both left me a " letter" on my bed. They told me it said how much they love me. Nice to know they can't always tell when I'm cranky. So right now Ty is finally taking a nap and I gave in. The girls and I are watching Pocahontas.  They are sooo excited. Time to put all negative thoughts outside my mind and enjoy the snuggling. Coffee will be my best friend tonight.