Saturday, January 26, 2013

The birthday party

Since the roads were Icey Aunt Debbie spent the night while Tim drove me into work last night and picked me up this morning. We took advantage of the alone time and had an amazing breakfast at the Cracker Barrel by the the fireplace. I tore up some wild blueberry pancakes. Tim and Debbie had a rough night with the kids. I literally laughed when tim was telling me all the times the kids were getting up! Zoe started to complain of another ear ache. Luckily Debbie stayed with the kids so I could sleep and Tim took Zoe to the dr. Sure enough double ear infection:(
I slept a short 4 hours then woke up to get everyone ready for Aubrey's bday party. With strong coffee in hand we all walked next door to their house.It was a lot of fun! They had a surprise guest of Minnie Mouse knock on the their front door. The girls were astonished! Willow commented that the surprise was amazing and Zoe actually didn't run in the opposite direction. I was so proud of Zoe for playing with all the other kids instead of sucking her thumb in my lap. She is starting to grow up. Minnie Mouse had all the kids dancing in the living room. Definitely a moment to remember, one I would have missed if I was working. So thankful to have been there. Once all the kids settled in their beds for the night Tim and I watched a great movie relaxing on the couch. Of course with occasional interruptions from Ty bear. A wonderful day indeed!