Monday, January 28, 2013


We had a wonderful morning today. Tim was home with us for awhile so school got put on the back burner. Instead we spent time playing and running around the house. Granny and poppie came by and like always they receive free entertainment from these crazy kids. I love that the kids can have the opportunity to see them on a regular basis. That afternoon Tim went to work for a little while. i did some school with the kids then all of them took a nap. For about 30 minutes they were all sleeping at the same time! I get so excited. I never know if I should shower, rest, clean, or eat. I ended up doing a little of all that except I ran out of time for the shower. Ty woke up ready to play. That evening as I was fixing supper the girls were running around the staircase making their usual laps and Ty was in his walker watching their every move. They were all three laughing like crazy. The sound of their giggles was so sweet. It can lighten any mood, lift spirits, and promote thankfulness. It is the best medicine. When Tim got home the laughter continued until bed time. There were only a few tears from one of them falling off Tim's back while they were playing on the floor. I hope that no matter what the day brings us I can always teach the kids to laugh and ENJOY the blessings.