Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring fever

Momma, Mallory, Mitzi, and Ethan all came by this morning for a visit. I had spent all morning trying to keep the kids entertained not knowing it was so warm outside. Thank goodness Mitzi commented about how nice the day was. As soon as they all left I got the kids to go ahead and take their nap so we could spend the afternoon outside. Willow was up first so me and her spent time together working puzzles. I started asking her random questions so I could record them then see how much her answers change the older she gets. So here are the current questions and answers. Favorite color? Green! No yellow! No all colors of the rainbow. Favorite animal? Elephant. Favorite food? french fries. Favorite drink? Tea. Favorite number: 12. Favorite thing to do? Play baseball. What do you like to do with mommy? Wash dishes. What do you like to do with daddy? Help him. What do you like to do with Zoe? Play with her. What do you like to do with Ty? Kiss  him. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday. She was so quick with these answers. A girl who knows what she likes. Zoe and Ty then woke up at the same time. I took them all to sit on the front porch. Zoe was not a happy camper and was crying because I was holding Ty. I tried my best to lighten the mood so I started asking her the same questions to get her responses. The only response I got was, " I don't want to see you mommy!" Sooo... Her answers will have to get recorded another day. The afternoon was beautiful. It gave me a sneak peak of all the good times waiting for us this summer. A quick memory of the day and a sign of things to come this summer started with Willow and Zoe eating Popsicles on the porch swing. Ty and I were sitting beside them when I saw a bug out of the corner of my eye land on my back. I calmly went to willow and told her to push it off my back. Of course she freaked out and yelled no. I started to feel panicked so I told her to use her Popsicle stick to fling it off. She got scared and threw the stick at my back and missed. So I start rubbing my back against the porch swing yelling, "Is it off?!!" At this point they are laughing at me like I'm crazy. A few minutes later the bug finally flew off. I then reached down to get Ty and found that he had gotten his first mouth full of dirt from the planter. It will definitly be a wild summer if  its like today! I cant wait!We then came inside for supper then made our way to the back yard. Myah and Aubrey came over to play games of hide and seek with the girls. They all had a lot of fun, bring on the summer!