Monday, March 25, 2013


Last night Tim and I went to Sierra's wedding. We barely got there on time. Tim had a fire at work, he got back to the station at 4:00 and we arrived at the wedding just minutes before the ceremony started. It was nice to just sit there together after the busy week we had. The sweetest part of the whole wedding was the father daughter dance. They started out slow dancing to my girl then broke out into a choreographed dance to a huge mix of music. I'm sure that is a moment that will stick out to them forever. I was fighting tears back the entire time. I envision that being Tim and willow one day! I know those days will be here before we know it. Once we ate our delicious food the music started going. Tim and I danced our little hearts out not caring who was watching! Laughter is an amazing stress reliever! I hope that we never forget to simply have fun, life is too short.
When we got back home the kids were all snuggled next to Debbie enjoying being spoiled. We got everyone tucked in and basically collapsed on the couch.
Today has been the laziest day we have all had since I can't even remember when. It's a rainy dreary day outside but inside we are enjoying the rest and quality time together. We took advantage of the day knowing that Donna is putting our house on the market tomorrow and things are about to get wild. Thank you God for fun and rest when we need it most!