Friday, March 22, 2013

Much better

Yesterday definitely went better thanks to God. I committed the day to Him and my perspective instantly changed. Not that there weren't stressful times but I felt strength from above to get through it. All of the kids did great at school. Ty and Zoe took great naps when we got back home while willow colored quietly and looked at her library books. Donna came over that afternoon to help us get the house on the market. Apparantly Zoe is hitting her terrible two's late. She was throwing tantrums and screaming over the least little things. Little does she know that I don't believe in the terrible two's anymore! She is just testing the limits and its time for me to set more boundaries.( at least this what I'm telling myself.) Either way, everyday that goes she is becoming more and more independent. Her sweet baby demeanor is turning into a pretty little girl who can carry on conversations.
Today has gone well so far. Ty woke up 5 times last night, so my morning coffee was extra strong. I now have an excuse for dunkin donuts on the way into work tonight. My goal for the day is to keep focusing on God. There are many distractions around me right now. This is an exciting time in our lives and I plan to enjoy it!