Saturday, March 30, 2013

First sleepover

Yesterday the kids and I went to moms house to dye Easter eggs. They were more excited to play school with Emma than the eggs. They look up to her so much. Little did the girls know that there day was far from over. They were invited by Aubrey and Myah next door for their very first sleepover. They were so thrilled with screams and giggles. When it was time to walk them next door I told willow to go upstairs and and get her pajamas and pillow. I waited a while then went to help her. She met me at the stairs with two bags on each arm stuffed with most of the clothes from her dresser. I had to laugh!
Since the girls were having fun I went on a date with my to boys Tim and Ty to Texas Roadhouse. Ty was so good. It was a nice treat to go out and it was fun to give Ty all of the attention. He soaked up every minute of it.
About10:30 last night I got a phone call from Tara across the street. Surprisingly Zoe was asleep but Willow was up crying for me. Tim walked next door to get them. When willow got up here she ran into my arms sobbing. It was pitifull! I asked her what happened she said she missed me and was crying for me because she knew I was crying for her:( he little perspective on life is so sweet. Tim and I carried them upstairs and tucked them in. We were both happy to have them home. I'm not going to lie, her saying how much she missed me made my night!