Friday, March 29, 2013


Oh my goodness...this has been such an emotionally exhausting week! Tim and I have to be the most undecicive  people in the entire world. We have been struggling with hoping we are making the right decision for our family by moving. We have prayed, cried, and talked then talked some more. We were not feeling peace about anything. It's very difficult when you want so badly to here that special word from God or see that special sign and you just don't see it. Last night we were at the end of our rope with frustration. We decided to pray differently. We thanked God for the peace and answeres He had already given us. We then prayed for clear minds and hearts for when we awake the next morning. We have finally come to the conclusion that the country IS the life for us. We have had our answer and peace all along we just have to take it. As of this morning we have recommitted our family to God and are going to trust Him 100%. We are so excited!
On a different topic, willow informed me yesterday that she liked sneaking around. She also told me that when she is supposed to be in timeout that she sneaks all around the house. I then told her sassy self that God whispers in my ear where she is at all times, so being sneaky is impossible in this house! Her reply was, " Oh man! Well... I still like it." Glad I have this blog while she has her 4 year old honesty so I can remember to bolt the windows!