Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good night

Yesterday I woke up early and jumped out of bed. I was so excited to take family to see the property we have had our eye on. Everyone had fun looking over every corner of the country house. Tim and I have a lot of hard decisions to make and long talks are waiting. We want more than anything to follow Gods lead and we are fighting the devil every step of the way who is whispering confusion in our ear. Mom bought cupcakes for us to all celebrate Donna's first house showing. It was easy to see Poppie felt in his element remembering his childhood growing up in the country. He even climbed in the barn with Tim and let us know the condition. Afterwards we went to the diner down the street and had lunch all together. We are so blessed to have family so supportive of each and every endeavor Tim and I take on.
Last night I only had one patient. That was a rare treat, usually I have 4-5. It was wonderful to be able to take time with her. She was a sweet older woman in her 80's. she spoke all kinds of wisdom about God, marriage, and children. It's those patients that help carry you through all the mean ones in between.
I only slept a few hours today but it was well worth it to enjoy the beautiful day. After dinner we all sat on the porch and ate some Wendy's frosties. We ran in the yard playing soccer. Ty was on Tim's shoulders and the girls and I were holding hands. I hope I never forget these sweet memories.