Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Laugh at the future

This morning I woke up and hit the ground running. Ty woke up twice to eat last night. Willow got up at 6 am saying her ear hurt again. So at 6:30 I was downstairs stirring up my remedy of garlic oil for her poor ear. The day hasn't stopped since. Tim was able to get a standby vacation today so that was a great unexpected suprise! He worked on a house today then was able to be here tonight. The kids were very excited to have him home as well.
Just like every week I left Bible study today feeling challenged. One major thing that has stuck out in my mind was a verse in Proverbs. It says that a woman of God laughs at the days to come and the heart of her husband trust in her. When I dream about our future I always want to have a smile on my face because I trust in The Lord to be my provider. God is also reinforcing to me over and over again to be a giver of anything and everything I have. Selfishness can steal joy so quickly. The very minute my eyes are on myself I start to feel discontentment moving in. That is exactly what the enemy wants. I must die to myself daily in order for Him to lift me up and give me that joy and peace that passes my understanding. Now I hope I can remember this tomorrow!