Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where's the party?

Yesterday we all pulled out of the driveway at 8am and didn't pull back in till 10:30pm. We went to South Carolina to Jason and Tina's house to help build a deck. The funny thing is the day didn't seem too long at all. I can't remember the last time we have been with that side of the family and really got to spend quality time. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and everyone was so well behaved. The afternoon was spent with kids running in and out the back door, popsicles in hand, with the country music turned up. The boys worked on the deck all day long, it was turning out beautiful. Since we got home so late I knew that meltdowns were very possible as we walked everyone inside. Before we opened the doors I prayed for Tim and I an extra dose of patience. Good thing I did... Everyone was crying at the same time. Once their wrestless bodies relaxed they all finally dosed off to sleep.
Apparently willow was so well behaved yesterday she wanted to make up for it today. I decided to take them to see this story teller who travels around the world. He was coming to our homeschool group so I thought it would be something fun and different for them. I took all the kids with me and figured if Ty got out of hand that the girls would be so captivated by him that they would sit there and listen.( that is what everyone told me) Not my kids! Willow was so distracted I don't even think she noticed the man telling the stories. She was defiant, kicking the pew in front of her, giggling, trying to get up and sit with every other kid in the place. At one point she looked at me and asked, "Where's the party??" Oh my!! This girl has fun on her brain ALL THE TIME! It's in her blood. I've got to figure out how God wants me to direct all that partiness for His glory. Oh Lord help me!!