Sunday, May 26, 2013

My babies parties!

We had the greatest time last night. Me, Tim, and the kids are blessed beyond measure. This was my precious Ty's fist birthday party and my sweet Zoe's third birthday party. The grandmas pitched in and made potatoes salad and slaw while I made the beans and bbq. We had close to 50 people all in our backyard to celebrate with us. 
Zoe enjoyed every minute. She opened her presents for the first time with a huge grin on her face. Out of everything she got her favorites were here tricycle, and all her many dresses and tutus. By the end of the night she had five dresses on at the same time. She loved her princess cake. She had the sweetest smile as we were singing to her. At one point she looked liked tears were welling up in her eyes. When we all started clapping she got up and stared at everyone still smiling. She looked so beautiful. 
Ty loved all of the excitement! As long as someone was talking to him he was smiling. I opened his presents for him. His favorites so far until we can get the rest opened are his cars. He got several outfits, hats, toys, and his first baby 4 wheeler! When it was his turn for singing and cake he did not disappoint. He was trying to dance as we sang happy birthday. Once that cake hit his highchair he grabbed it, smacked it, threw it, and ate it! He loved every minute, especially that he had us all laughing. He was squealing and cramming it in his mouth all at the same time. We had to wash him off in the sink!
I was so proud
of willow. She never once complained of not having a present or cake. She was very humble and stood back to let her brother and sister enjoy their day. She had a great time as well. I don't think she ever stopped running all evening.
We were so thankful to have all the people we love the most with us. The night couldn't have gotten any better.