Monday, May 27, 2013


The believe it can be a difficult thing to simplify. It's seems easy to over complicate but the quiet and stillness of simplicity takes work. I woke up all wound up about what we were going to do this evening. I wanted "cookout" food since it was Memorial Day. I was so busy trying to plan things to make it fun for my family. All of this STUFF is not what makes up the day we remember those who have fought for us or help us teach our children how to honor others. There I go again putting my thoughts first.
Thankfully The Lord graciously put it in my husbands heart to go see my grandparents since he was in the Navy. We went to the the store and picked up hotdogs, chips, and a watermelon and headed to their house for stories from Poppie. THIS is where we receive God's blessings
. He is in the sweet conversations, the laughter of the kids, and the stillness. When we look through life with our eyes focused on Him there is never any reason to over think. He is sovereign and plans our steps. We have to do the work to keep pushing all the clutter out of the way to remain simple...